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Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford is a lifetime Arizonian, raised in Tucson and a graduate of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Tyler has a great deal of experience in the real estate field. Tyler was initially a real estate agent and then an investor. It was as an investor that Tyler became involved in the mortgage profession in 2000. Tyler became recognized in the United States as a top producing mortgage originator. Tyler is still actively involved in real estate.

In addition to real estate, Tyler has been a leader in the network marketing industry.  He has built multiple international teams, with his wife Mimi, exceeding 20,000 members and two companies to a 6 figure residual income with overall earnings exceeding $1 million.

Tyler has a huge desire to help people reach their health and financial goals through network marketing.

Tyler has a passion for health and nutrition and is an athletic enthusiast. Tyler loves to ride and race his road and mountain bike, trail run, swim, practice yoga, fish, hike, compete in triathlons, and be active.

Tyler believes “There are many things in life you get a second chance at like relationships, finances, and careers. Your health is one thing that you do not get a second chance at. So why not take care of yourself?”

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Mimi Ford

Mimi was born and raised in Joliet IL.

She graduated from Marquette University with a degree in dental hygiene. She has been practicing dental hygiene for the past 25 years in Tucson, AZ.

Mimi has been a leader in the network marketing industry.  She has worked together with Tyler to build multiple international teams focusing on the distribution of life-changing health and wellness products coupled with helping people earn an additional income stream through network marketing.

Mimi is a mother of three and has two grandchildren. She has one daughter Elena,  and two sons, Matt and Tommy.

Mimi loves the outdoors! Some of her many passions include triathlons, swimming, cycling, running, riding her horse, and just being active!

Mimi is passionate about health and wellness and loves sharing her passion with others.


To enrich the quality of people’s lives through… health and wealth!

There are five core values that support our mission:

1. Serve: Use the gifts that God has given us to encourage and inspire people to live happy healthy lives.

2. Contribute: Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.

3. Promote Health and Wellness: We are passionate about health and wellness and love sharing vitality with others.

4. Create Experience: We are dedicated to creating a fun experience by showing how action and movement can lead to the fulfillment of dreams, ambitions, and goals.

5. Positive Difference: Making a positive difference starts with people helping people and as a result money follows.


Tyler and Mimi FordIf you would like to participate in our mission connect with us today.

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Tyler and Mimi Ford
Isagenix Influencers & Leaders
Tucson, AZ